We Create Lead Generation Campaigns That Drive Sales-Qualified Conversations For Small Businesses.

We partner with small businesses to generate more leads and revenue through the most consistent, proven lead generation channel out there: paid search.

The Result?

The Performance Guarantee Company™

One up, and show up over your competition.

Our NeuroGen™ division will do just that. 

We combine Human Intelligence (H.I.) with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to generate more leads and revenue for companies via paid search.

Impressions and Clicks Don't Pay The Bills. We Focus On Sales Pipeline Value At NeuroGen™.


In Sales Pipeline Value

We were responsible for generating $9.3 Million in total sales pipeline value for a company in the first 9 months of our engagement. 


In Sales Pipeline Value

We were responsible for generating 328 leads and $2.6 million in total sales pipeline value for a company in the first 12 months of our engagement.


In Sales Pipeline Value

We were responsible for generating $2.54 Million in sales pipeline value for a company in the first 90 days of our engagement.

Why Is Our Methodology So Powerful?

We Know The Science Behind The Marketing Machine

We Get Inside The Mind Of Your Future Customers

We Align You With The Modern Buyer


Are Unsure

46% of small businesses are unsure about their marketing efforts.




42% of small businesses fail due to lack of demand.



Run Marketing

47% of owners run marketing on their own.


“These are the smartest guys and gals in the room. If you want to generate more leads and revenue for your business, it’s pretty simple, listen to what they say, let them execute, and watch your sales pipeline fill up.”

Tim B. – Managing Partner

What’s Included In Every Engagement?

From strategy to execution, wer’re there with you every step of th way.


Analysis, Strategy, & Technology Set-Up

Strategy Set up:
● PPC Audit of Current Strategy (If Applicable)
● Keyword Research
● Development of Go-Forward PPC Strategy
● Web Page Content Recommendations

Technology Set up:
● Google Analytics Set up (If Not Installed)
● Google Tag Manager Set up (If Not Installed)
● Conversion Goal Tracking (If Not Created)
● Lead-Gen Form Fill Tracking
● Heat-Mapping Set Up

Ongoing Creation & Management

Unlmited Campaigns & Daily Management

Unlimited Creation of All Campaign Types
● Search Ads
● Display Ads
● Remarketing Ads
● YouTube Ads

Optimization & Reporting

Making Sure You’re On Track And Getting Leads

● Unlimited Ongoing Campaign Creation
● Intelligent Budget Pacing
● Keyword Optimization
● Quality Score Management

● Monthly Report & Analysis 
● Quarterly Business Reviews
● Conversion Goal Tracking (If Not Created)
● Access To Real Time Dashboard

NeuroGen™ Program Pricing Tiers

We only scale up as you scale up

For Up To $5,000 In Monthly Ad Apend



For $5,001 - $10,000 In Monthly Ad Spend



For $10,000+ In Monthly Ad Spend



The scientifically-proven way to increase sales? Yeah, we wrote the book on it.

For over a decade, Braintrust has been the go-to sales training and leadership coaching company for Fortune 500 companies. Our programs are rooted in neuroscience and behavioral psychology designed to develop consistent communication habits that drive performance.

Jeff Bloomfield, Braintrust founder and CEO, is the author of NeuroSelling®, which has been published in multiple languages, taught throughout the world, and utilized by hundreds of thousands of sales professionals, managers, and leaders. 

Based on feedback and continual requests, we created the Braintrust Academy, to provide affordable access to all of Braintrust’s content for small business owners like you.  Now, with thousands of users, our mission is to continue to help small businesses thrive, grow, and win! 

Schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery session today

This session focuses entirely on you and your business. We’ll discuss marketing, sales, or any other challenges holding you back from reaching your goals.

This isn’t a prerecorded session or a group call. It’s simply you and our Director from the Braintrust Academy, one-on-one.

Our Team Is Now A Part Of Your Team

When you join partner with Braintrust SMB, you not only get the most dynamic online training portal on the market at an affordable price, you also add our dream team to your roster. Everyone from the CEO, to the Director of the Braintrust Academy, to your team’s personal coach, we equip you and your team with everything you need to be successful.

We are excited to meet you and get started! Let’s put your first session on the books.

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